Lauren Williamson

I am a certified coach with my Level 2 Fitness instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer and Kettlebell instructor course. I gained my qualification in Elite fitness & performance Academy Belfast, accredited from REPS IRELAND.

I am a highly motivated individual who has such a passion about helping others achieve goals throughout fitness, nutrition and movement. I have had the experience of working with a range of individuals to help meet specific goals ranging from weight loss, fat loss, strength and conditioning as well as movement and mobility. I focus on movement and mobility pattern of the body. I help people to get joints moving freely throughout a specific range of motions to reduce pain and injury. Solid mobility helps to perform exercises with the correct technique and form.

I have an extreme passion about helping others to overcome the “gym floor fear” and reach goals since I been through the journey. I lost 5 and half stone myself, which makes me so passionate about helping people change physically, mentally and emotionally. My business name ‘Strength Within Fitness & Performance’ came about as I am a true believer of how physical activity makes the body feel as you release endorphins making you feel happy and positive about yourself. 

I am a firm believer that training should be enjoyable while creating an understanding and lifestyle change within nutrition that you can continue throughout life. (NO FAD DIETS) LOL

If you are feeling slightly hesitant about Personal training send me a message and we will get chatting.

Contact details

Instagram- @strength_within_

Facebook- Strength Within Fitness & Performance

Phone number- 07821214600