Patrick Mullholland


Hi I’m Patrick but feel free to call me Paddy! I am a level 3 qualified personal trainer qualified out of the prestigious Elite Fitness and Performance Academy in Belfast.

I have been personal training for 2 years now with years of training experience trying and experimenting many different approaching to both training and nutrition. I take pride in the fact that I not only aim to train clients but educate them for life inside and outside the gym, teaching discipline and how to achieve that work life balance.

I particularly specialise in strength training, I firmly believe that great technique creates great strength. I love being able to build confidence within oneself to where they can go into the gym on their own and have the confidence to smash their training and even be able to interact with other gym users.

I really believe that weight training combined with a healthy diet will create a happy, healthier and stronger you!

Contact info:-

Facebook- Patrick Mulholland
Instagram - @patrick_mulhollandpt
Phone - 07547115506